Credits – ‘No Looking Back’

Rohan Kay - No Looking BackRohan Kay: ‘No Looking Back’ [2012]


1. Let’s Begin Again
2. Night Sky
3. Stop Your Crying
4. Is That What You Want
5. That’s A Long Way From Here
6. Terror In The Heartland
7. Do You Know Why You’re Here


All songs (c) and (p) 2012 Rohan Kay. All rights reserved
Released by: Rohan Kay

Produced by Rohan Kay
Recorded by Colin Wynne at Thirty Mill Studios, Melbourne
Mixed by Colin Wynne & Rohan Kay at Thirty Mill Studios, Melbourne
Mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge Mastering, London
Executive producers: Steve and Heather Kay

Guest cello: Anita Quayle
Guest whistle: Matt Horsley

Photography by: Lilli Waters
Cover design by: Rohan Kay


Thank you to Nok, Dylan, Erika, Mum, Dad, and Laurence Thomas for your unfailing support and inspiration.

Thanks to Will Halstead-Smith, Richard Smith and Kate Brady for your help during the making of this album.

Thank you to Anita Quayle and Matt Horsley for your musical talents and efforts.

Thank you to Colin Wynne and Kerry Wynne for your generosity, and your belief in me.

And thanks to you for supporting my music.

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