Making of a Track: ‘Why Did No One Tell Me’

I wrote a new track in altered guitar tuning in mid-December 2017. I liked the guitar pattern — especially the chorus section — so I was inspired to record it on 28 December.

To lock in my playing when I came to record, I used a 75-beats-per-minute drum pattern in Logic Pro X. Here’s my guitar recording with that drum pattern:

As (almost) always, once I’ve got a guitar idea down, I can’t help but want to add other instruments and arrange it into something bigger.

Here’s the same track with a couple of virtual instruments thrown in — all VIs taken from Logic’s EXS24 sampler.

Also in this version is an electric guitar solo (starts in the below audio file at 1:35) — absent from subsequent versions:

As you can probably tell, this is not perfect music — but whatever I’m recording is propelling me forward. I want to — I have to — finish this piece of music, no matter how many hours it eventually takes.

It was at this point that I decided to realise my long-held idea to try East West Composer Cloud, which is a low-cost monthly subscription to East West’s multitude of virtual instruments (see for details).

Here’s the track with some of the East West VI instruments replacing the EXS24 VIs. I have also added a bass line:

It’s worth emphasising that this track is still a demo and requires some fine-tuning, some level (volume) riding and some other sweeteners. I don’t think I’ve captured the vibe of the track yet, basically, so there’s more mixing to go.

I can also hear that the track is too hot (too loud), so I’ll need to work on the gain structure some more. And some of the instruments are not quite timed right. I also think I need to add some more fairy-dust in the ride-out section because I don’t think there’s enough there to keep the listener hooked until the end.

I’m also not sure about the bass part — I might throw that out altogether.

As you can probably tell, it’s a lot of little details, adding up to many hours of work. But when you’re obsessed as I am with making music, hours are meaningless. I just hope I don’t hate it when it’s over …

If you want to know when I upload this as a finished track, follow me on Twitter, or re-visit this site soon. I’ll add it to my Tracks page (most likely) when it’s done.

Thanks for listening!

*** Update ***

January 5 2018: I have finished the track. Below is the final version. Enjoy!


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